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What we offer

Incubation facilities and support services

Value of the program: 50,000€.

Paid services
Services NO YES
Training and tutoring
Dedicated mentorship
Networking and internationalization
Participation in events and activities organized
by the Pépinières
Personalized strategic consultancy *


*: optional

Paid services
Services NO YES
Advisory and support
for access to public funding and private equity


*: optional

Public funding and private equity


**: By enrolling at the Pépinières, you will receive a refund of 70% of the rental costs for 3 years (equal to 12€/ square meter per month).

Paid services
Services NO YES
Use of the co-working areas,
reception, general secretary
and use of the meeting and conference rooms
Optical fiber
Heating, air conditioning and water supply
in the assigned space and in common rooms
Reserved parking spaces and large parking area
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the structure