Espace Innovation -Final Event

Yesterday, June the 28th, was held the Espace Innovation final event

Yesterday, in the Aosta offices of Les Pépinières d’Entreprises, the three winners of the Espace Innovation Price presented the results of the six months of formation.

After a brief introduction of Gianluca Fioravanti, project manager of the Pépinières, the event began with a speech of the new council member for productive activities Stafano Aggravi. The moderator of the day, our scouting expert Marco Riva, underlined the importance of pre-incubation programs because start-ups operate in an extremely uncertain environment. That is why, before launching a project to the market, it is fundamental to validate if the solution is solving a problem that customers really feel. During the formation program some methods very taught to the three winners of the Espace Innovation Price, such as the really famous Lean Startup method.

Hereafter, a brief speech from the sponsors of the project, Finaosta S.p.A., CVA S.p.A. e Engineering S.p.A.. All of them are really satisfied about the output of the program, confirming the relevance of supporting such programs for increasing occupation and sustainable economic development. Federmanager, partner in formation, underlined the progress of the three projects, congratulating with each of them.

Finally, the pitches of the Price winners: ALTURA – trota alpina affumicata; My Personal Nurse e SPOTSSustainable Paths Over The Limits. Their brilliant presentations stunned the audience that asked many questions and in-depth analysis.

We hope to see them operating soon!

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