Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini – FGB – is a private and not-for-profit foundation developing, applying and disseminating evidence based policy design, delivery and evaluation at all governance levels. FGB promotes dialogue and a continuous knowledge exchange bridging the academic and policymaking communities, governments, civil society and private sector.

FGB is an active player providing technical support and services to foster economic development, social cohesion, employment and  innovation through: research, data gathering analysis, forecasting, project work, dissemination and communication, network management, vocational training. Nowadays FGB promotes local development at an urban and rural level by setting up innovation hubs, enterprise accelerators, startup incubators.

Activities are developed by a committed European team with crosscutting capabilities in collaboration with national  and  international  public  and  private  bodies.  Throughout  its more  than  forty  years  of experience, FGB has gained reputation by consolidating a broad network of experts and by carrying on its activities independently.

Via Goito 39, 00185 - ROMA